Our production

For over 65 years we have been working leather using the “cuoietto artistico Fiorentino” technique; this ancient technique was born in Florence during the Renaissance period and has been handed down from generation to generation up to the present day.
This particular workmanship, characteristic of the city of Florence, involves the creation of leather goods without the use of stitching; each step is carried out by hand by our craftsmen, respecting technique and tradition.

The leather is first of all chosen and cut; only with vegetable tanning is it possible to obtain the final result, because the leather must be as natural as possible in order to become mouldable.
Once cut, the leather is wetted and mounted on wooden forms to define its shape. When dry, it will, in fact, maintain the shape impressed by the wooden form.
All the pieces thus shaped are then glued together to complete the final object.

Once the desired product has been obtained, we move on to the colouring stage; starting from the natural colour of the leather, layer after layer, the colour is added until the desired shade is achieved.
The last step is polishing with natural wax, which makes the whole object shiny and unique.


Our secret

This type of workmanship is very time-consuming and requires a lot of passion and skill from the craftsmen.

For example, our iconic Tacco coin case requires no less than 37 steps to make. In our workshop, each item is still made by handand finished in every detail, from the colour to the polishing and the 22k gold decoration, which is also done by hand using bronze punches and wheels.
Each of our products arrives with two certificates certifying its quality and origin.