Our smokers’ accessories are the products of the creativity of the master craftsmen Piero and Maurizio Peroni, and are made by hand mostly without seams, following the ancient technique of “cuoietto artistico fiorentino”.

Modern, handy, versatile, suitable for everyday use.

Leather cigar case – porta sigari in cuoio - Firenze


We use only vegetable tanned leather in Tuscany, with natural tannins.

In our workshop, we dye directly by hand and with natural colors.

The result is a biodegradable and hypoallergenic product, which does not contain toxic or harmful substances for man nor the environment.

Our products are guaranteed 100% made in Italy, from raw materials to the finished product.
Our smokers’ accessories can be customised with your initials or with gold decoration, all strictly handmade.

Leather artisans Florence – artigiani del cuoio a Firenze

Art. 788-3 Channelled cigar case for 3 cigars with leather border

Art. 1155 Cigarette/cigarillos case for 6 without borders

Art. 1570 Doubled inside cigar case for 4 cigars

Art. 1117K Smooth calf print cigar case for 2 cigars


Art. 1150 Cigar case for one cigar

Art. 124 Envelope-shaped pack of cigarettes holder

Art. 680 "Mezzo toscano" cigar case for 5 cigars

Art. 1071 MOD Cigarette pack holder with a hole and a belt loop

Art. 1071 Cigarette pack holder with a hole

Art. 1108-2 Low-cost cigarette pack holder with a hole

Art. 1110-1 Low-cost cigarette pack holder with metal wings

Art. 1111-1 Low-cost cigarette pack holder with a horizontal belt loop


Art. 1117 DECO Flat outside cigar case for 2 cigars with golden decoration

Art. 1383 Oblique-cut cigarette pack holder

Art. 1435 Lighter case