The "cartella del nonno"

Quintilio Peroni, Piero’s father and Marco’s and Maurizio’s grandfather, was born in 1905. A craftsman, more precisely a shoemaker, he made shoes by hand in his Florentine workshop.

In the first decades of the twentieth century, there were many economic difficulties and often we had to make do with what little we had, and Quintilio was not far behind. Driven by the need to have a docs case, his creativity and spirit of adaptation led him to create a unique, hand-sewn object.

The idea of ​​that docs case was resumed in 2006, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 120th anniversary of the company Isetan Mitsukoshi of Tokyo, coinciding also with the fiftieth anniversary of the company Fratelli Peroni.

The Japanese company wanted an innovative product in design, refined and high quality, to be created for the occasion, to highlight creativity and craftsmanship: this is how the “cartella del nonno” was born, inspired by Quintilio Peroni’s docs case, hand-stitched and shaped on according to the Florentine artistic leather technique, animated by modernity and originality.

The new production line, Peroni Selleria, takes its inspiration from the “cartella del nonno”, reinventing it for our times: bags in vegetable tanned leather, in three different sizes, and hand-painted with natural colors in the workshop in Florence. Some parts are pulled on form and others are hand-sewn, in a wise mixture of craft techniques.

P036 Small crossbody bag cm 22*17*7
P037 Shopping bag (red) cm 34,5*26*16
P038 Shoulder bag (green) cm 39,8*31*14

Tradition has always been linked to innovation for the Peroni Firenze company, continuing alongside one another in a clever exchange game.