“Cuoio artistico fiorentino” line
Vegetable tanned calf leather (totally biodegradable) seamless products. They are hot sleeked, handmade and handpainted with traditional colours or with our own making ones (with marbled effect, too) in our workshop.



Precious skins line 
Articles in real crocodile, iguana, lizard, phyton, stingray, ostrich, etc.



Antique line
Articles in sheepskin, coated with hot paraffin, with handcrafted gold leaf decorations.  Many different decoration patterns can be created, drawing inspiration from works of art and styles of the past, thanks to our large variety of hand-carved bronze punches.


Basic line in calf or sheep leather
A low-cost line of articles made with leather dyed by our tanneries.


Waterproof line (Classic Line)
Articles made in a special calf leather which has undergone a special water-resistant treatment. Mostly used for our briefcases and bags in general.


Cowhide line

A low-cost line of cowhide items, first coloured in our tanneries, then sewn.