We and our artisans make our products entirely in Florence. We are all Italian-born.

All production is by hand, like in the Renaissance-born “cuoio artistico fiorentino” tradition, passed down from one generation to another.

We use vegetable tanned calf leather (with natural tannins). We handpaint with natural colours in our workshop: the result is a hypoallergic and biodegradable product, with no toxic or harmful substances for the human being nor the environment. We also work precious skins, such as crocodile, stingray, phyton.

The “cuoio artistico fiorentino” is only handmade in Florence. Through this processing, the typical rigidity of “cuoietto fiorentino” is reached and we can assemble resistant objects without stitches needed.

Decoration is all handmade, by punches and carved bronze casters; heating them, we can sink with gold or other materials on final products, using 22 k pure gold, too. The decoration process was so popular in the XIX century that gilder was an actual work in Florentine workshops.

Our factory imports no raw materials nor semi-finished products from abroad. We produce and work all our items in Florence, not delocalizing manpower in low-price production countries.